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Athletes' Testimonials

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Duke Chiropractic is no ordinary chiropractic practice. We are trusted by some of the biggest names in competitive sports. Luckily for us, some of them were gracious enough to speak on our behalf. Here are some of the things our professional athletes have said, regarding the healing and care they’re received from our doctors.

Molly Huddle

I appreciate Dr. Duke treating me whenever I'm in the city to run. He has helped me show up to the starting line confident that my body will be strong, balanced and ready to race through the streets of New York!

— Molly Huddle
Emily Sisson

I cannot thank Dr. Duke enough for helping me feel my best on race day. Going into this year's New York half marathon, I felt a lot more relaxed, because I'd checked in with Dr. Duke beforehand. Now, whenever I am in New York, I make it a point to visit him. Between visits, I keep up with the stretches and exercises that he's shown me. These extra measures make a big difference in staying healthy — and ultimately lead to better performance.

— Emily Sisson
Jared Ward

 In 2018 I saw Pete a couple days before the NYC Marathon. I had been banged up and was worried about the race. He left me feeling so good that I saw him again hours before competing. I finished a surprising 6th place. So in 2019 I decided to try my luck with Duke Chiropractic again, this time with Scott (two days before and again the morning of the race). I finished 6th again, in a tougher field. I expect I'll just keep coming back. Hard to argue with results...

— Jared Ward
Meb Keflezighi

The great part about participating in an event hosted by the New York Road Runners is that everything is first class. When it comes to chiropractors, the New York Road Runners have arranged for me to work with Dr. Duke and his team several times. Thanks to them, I always know and feel that I am in good hands before the big races in New York.

— Meb Keflezighi

I am honored to be welcomed by Dr. Duke... Any time I visit NY I trust I am in the most expert hands. I am thankful for his expertise, knowledge and kindness. Thank you Dr. Duke for keeping me healthy and performing at the top level!

— Jordan Hasay
Paula Radcliffe

Dr. Duke and his team have become a vital part of my support network during my trips to New York. I can relax and trust that he will get my body into tip top shape for the race and will be on hand to check things over afterwards too.

In 2009 I came to rely on him even more when he helped me win the New York half marathon after arriving in New York with a very tight hamstring. Then in November for the marathon, although time was against us and the race didn't go well for me it is a sure fact I would never have even made it to the start line without Dr. Duke. Furthermore I really appreciated the time he took to follow up with me in the weeks afterwards to check on how I was doing and advise with recovery and rehab.

— Paula Radcliffe
Steph Bruce

Dr. Duke goes above and beyond a typical chiropractor by listening to what his patients have to say and try to figure out their problem before jumping in. Every time I came to race in NYC, whether it be for the US 10k Champs at the Mini, or the NYC Marathon, Dr. Duke is who I must see for a tuneup to get my body firing on all cylinders. The NYC and running community are lucky to have him.

— Steph Bruce
Dathan Ritzenhein

Dr. Duke is my go to therapist every time I’m in NYC to race. He knows how to treat the world best athletes and help them be ready for race day. His knowledge and experience has helped my journey as I have made Olympic Teams, set course records, and consistently finished on the podium each time I see him before race day.

— Dathan Ritzenhein
Colleen Quigley

Thanks, Dr. Duke, for taking the time to make sure my body is ready to roll down the Avenue for the 5th Ave. Mile! I was the 2nd place finisher at 4:19. (Photo credit: Jason Suarez)

— Colleen Quigley
Mary Wittenberg

I am a huge believer in the Duke Chiropractic team. After first working with them four years ago, one pattern became clear: If I maintain a regular check-ins and tune-ups once every month (or two or even three), I run strong. If not, I risk being on the sidelines. Dr. Duke and his team have helped me recover quickly and fully from hamstring and lower back issues.

— Mary Wittenberg
David Monti

As a professional athletes' consultant for top runners, I depend on Duke Chiropractic to provide the highest standard of care for the athletes I work with. Dr. Duke's team never fails to deliver, and I have total confidence that every athlete will receive the best possible treatment so they can perform their best in some of the world's most competitive races.

— David Monti
Hallie Nicoll

I came to see Dr. Duke 6 weeks out from the Ironman 70.3 World Championships after experiencing intense pain in my knee. Within the first 5 minutes he was able to tell me exactly what was wrong (later confirmed by an MRI), and told me not to worry and that I would get to that start line! He and his colleagues fit me in twice a week, and with their therapy techniques and experience I was able to maintain my training and compete in the World Championships in Nice a month later. I can't thank him enough for keeping me healthy and for giving me the confidence I needed in my body to race without fear or pain!

— Hallie Nicoll
Ron Porter

Dr. Duke came highly recommended by my coach Matt Dixon. He certainly lived up to the billing.  I had been to several chiropractic doctors to help with my hip but none effectively addressed the root cause.  Dr. Duke’s ability to identify and address my problem was nothing short of amazing.  His focus on you as a unique individual was also outstanding.  He has become a critical part of my team, insuring that I show up on race day prepared to be the best I can be. 

— Ron Porter
Alexi Pappas

I first met Dr. Duke before a big race in New York City. I had been traveling and training at altitude for a month prior, and hadn't been able to have chiropractic work done in a long time. When I met Dr. Duke, he greeted me with warmth and professionalism. He prepared me for the New York City Dash to the Finish Line 5k, which I won the next day. My form and stride were more capable after working with Dr. Duke, and I was beyond impressed with his expertise and effectiveness in our session. I will visit him anytime I am in New York. Now an Olympian, I see the tremendous value of working with a chiropractor — and especially one that I trust! Thank you, Dr. Duke.

— Alexi Pappas
Tyler Swartz

Dr Duke and Dr St Thomas made the impossible happen.. First time runner. Training for the NYC marathon. 19 days before the race.. had an MRI that initially lead me to believe that I wouldn't be running this year. I came to Dr Duke and Dr St Thomas and their treatment got me to a point where I was healthy enough to run the race. Without them.. I would have watched the race from the sidelines.. now.. I hang my head high with some shinyyy hardware hanging around my neck. Can't recommend these guys enough. What made this special for me.. I am not a world class athlete.. but I felt like I was being treated like one.. They truly made the impossible happen.

— Tyler Swartz
John Henwood

I go to Duke Chiropractic because of their hands-on approach, combined with their knowledge and expertise. They treat the cause of the injury, rather than treat the symptoms themselves. They’re a great, friendly team whom I thoroughly recommend when you have an injury or an injury in the making.

— John Henwood
Urban Athletics

Over the past 10 years, Dr. Duke and his team have helped me through numerous running injuries including plantar fasciitis, patella tendonitis and as well as other non-running related neck and back issues. Dr. Duke’s unique approach to treating muscle and joint pain goes far beyond what you’d expect from a chiropractor.  Without Dr. Duke, Dr. Amico and Dr. Duggan, I’d have had to drop out of numerous races and marathons. Dr. Duke’s pre-race tune-ups kept me at my best for many years of racing and now allow me to keep up with an active toddler and hectic schedule. I leave Duke Chiropractic feeling three inches taller and completely relieved of the tension and stress that builds up in my muscles.

— Cara Macari (Urban Athletics)
Lauren Fleshman

Dr. Duke was a great resource for me in my preparation for my debut marathon in New York. His passion for wellness and performance is backed up by incredible knowledge and skill in his work, and he is on a short list of experts I would trust with an injury when up against a deadline.

— Lauren Fleshman
Sam Chelanga

For professional runners, body functionality at its optimum level is absolutely necessary. After visiting with Dr. Duke, I can confidently say that I now understand the term, “Leave it to the pros!” Dr. Duke is truly great and meticulous at what he does. His passion and kindness are admirable. I won the 2017 Healthy Kidney 10K after seeing him. I would recommend Dr. Duke to anyone, any day. If he can help an elite runner, I'm very confident he would meet or surpass your expectations. Thank you, and God bless you, Dr. Duke!

— Sam Chelanga
Ryan Hall

I have been very grateful for Dr. Duke's healing touch whenever my travels take me to New York. His work is cutting edge for both elite athletes trying to get to the top step of the podium and for those just trying to make it one step past the finish line.

— Ryan Hall
Delilah DiCrescenzo

When I am training at a high level, I'm always conscious of doing the 'extras' to stave off injury, including massage, icing, foam rolling... the list goes on. There are times, however, when those conservative methods just aren't cutting it and I'm riding a fine line to serious injury. It's then that I enlist the help of Dr. Duke and his team.

Dr. Duke is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to recognizing why my particular movement patterns are causing my injury and takes the time to explain that to me. He also recommends the strengthening, stretching and other rehab exercises I should be doing until my next visit. I am always impressed with the results and can trust that Dr. Duke and his team will get me through the injury to the other side of pain-free running.

— Delilah DiCrescenzo
Melissa Ackermann

It was over a year ago that I pulled my hamstring during a speed workout and was referred to Dr. Duke's practice. The care I received from everyone there was truly exceptional. They really took the time to fully understand the root of the problem and then put together a well thought-out plan to get me healed and back up and running as soon as possible. I unfortunately prolonged my recovery, as many runners have a tendency to do, by trying to do too much too quickly.

Subsequently, I realized the importance of taking the necessary time and care to fully recover. Once fully recovered I felt compelled to do all that I could to preserve being injury free while training for my next marathon so I decided to continue my visits to the practice with a preventive care and maintenance mindset. The bi-weekly visits that I made during my training period undoubtedly helped keep me injury free and feeling the best I ever have while preparing for a marathon. In addition, Dr. Duke went above and beyond by providing me with additional nutritional and strength training information and resources to assist with my training.

This past weekend I competed in my 4th marathon and set an 8 minute PR. I'm so incredibly appreciative for all that Dr. Duke and everyone at his practice did to help me not only set a new PR but to be feeling amazingly good within just a few days after the race. They are hands down the most knowledgable, professional and caring sports practice I've ever been treated by and would therefore without a doubt recommend them to anyone, especially a serious athlete! Thanks Dr. Duke and team for keeping me strong and healthy!

— Melissa Ackermann
Jennifer Harvey

Last winter, tendon tears sidelined me for months. Thankfully, Dr. Duke helped me through recovery and had me racing again. A year later, days before a cross-country race, I began feel one tendon again and feared I had retorn it. Dr. Duke worked on me and somehow had me feeling great for the race; I even ran a big PR! Thank you, Dr. Duke, for sorting me out. I don't know how you did it!

— Jennifer Harvey
Beth Browde

I can't say enough good things about Duke Chiropractic. They have seen me through good times and bad - stress fractures, pulled muscles and all the myriad ups and downs that come with starting to run races as a woman of a "certain age." They are true healers: expert diagnosticians and masters of chiropractic medicine. But beyond that, they take a holistic approach to health and really care about their patients. They have worked closely with my medical doctors and coaches to provide the kind of coordinated care one rarely finds in this age of fragmented health care. Although I'm a middle of the pack runner, they treat me with the same seriousness and commitment they provide to their elite athletes. Duke Chiropractic is always my first recommendation to anyone, athlete or not, who’s serious about protecting and maintaining their mobility. 

— Beth Browde
Caitlin Alexander

Training to race an Ironman 10 months after ACL reconstructive surgery doesn't come without its trials and tribulations. I came to Dr. Duke with painful ITBS that was sidelining me from training for Ironman Mont-Tremblant. He understood where I, as an ACL patient, was coming from, and all the unique factors that worked together to cause the pain. After Dr. Duke administered two sessions of the Graston Technique and ART, I raced my first triathlon — post-op and pain-free — and placed first in my age group and fourth overall! Next up, Mont-Tremblant!

— Caitlin Alexander
Richard Salomon

Thanks for keeping an old guy in "peak" shape. As an overly ambitious amateur, I always seem to be having some injury or another. Over the years, Dr. Duke has shown me that these problems, however discouraging they seem at the time can be overcome. He keeps me going.

— Richard Salomon
Nicole Sin Quee

After successfully competing nationally and internationally in multi-sport events (triathlon and duathlon), it was humbling to sit on the sofa doing zero exercise because of all the pain in my Achilles tendon. I had just about given up when all roads led to Dr. Duke, who spent about two hours with me on my initial visit, massaging, stretching, and manipulating the other parts of me that had led to the tendonitis.

I really appreciate Dr. Duke's candor, expertise, accurate diagnoses, and plan of action. I'm healthy again and grateful for the excellent care I received on my visits.

Dr. Duke values all of his patients, independent of their levels of talent, with the primary goal of getting them back to sport in a timely fashion.

— Nicole Sin Quee
Joy Dushey

I'm very grateful for the expert care I've been fortunate enough to receive from Dr. Duke and the friendly staff at Duke Chiropractic. Dr. Duke has been meticulous in helping me get through nagging injuries over the past few years and has been a constant in helping me stay healthy while training on an optimal level. I was training for the Chicago marathon when, two weeks before, I was challenged with a hamstring injury. Dr. Duke used Graston, ART and ultrasound, and he was also very comforting, which helped my confidence level going into the race. I was ecstatic to get an almost four minute personal record— especially after the obstacles I faced.

— Joy Dushey
Joanna Chitko

As a triathlete, there is nothing more frustrating than being sidelined while training for an Ironman, especially when time and a healthy body are crucial components to success. I developed IT Band issues after taking time off in between seasons and I could not run for more than four miles without severe pain. Before I came to Dr. Duke and Dr. Amico, I tried deep tissue massage, acupuncture, and PT but nothing was working. Dr. Duke Chiropractic not only focused on fixing the problem but took extra time to investigate the source and presented me with strategies and solutions to avoid reoccurring problems.  Within two weeks of my visit and being treated with active release, Graston, electric stim,and other techniques, I was on my way to recovery.  The entire staff at Duke Chiropractic is friendly, caring, and very personable and always made and extra effort to make me feel comfortable. I am so grateful for the care I received from Dr. Duke and Dr. Amico.

— Joanna Chitko
Dr. Eric Gibbs

Several years ago, after nearly 20 years of running, I was told that the wear and tear on my hip eventually would require surgery. But then a running friend recommended Duke Chiropractic to work on my soft tissues and mobility.

With Dr. Duke’s help and his combination of therapies, the mobility of my hip is great. I’ve been competing in triathlons for four years — I even took 10 minutes off my New York Triathlon time this year — and I see Dr. Duke once a week. He and his team have helped me with training and helped me keep my goals in sight!

— Dr. Eric Gibbs



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